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Store Review: Fallas Paredes

25 Mar

One of the best kept secrets where I live is Fallas Paredes.  Think Big Lots meets Ross.  As of today, “Fallas,” as we call it in Vegas, only has stores in California, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Nevada and Virginia. To find a store near you: Store Locator  It’s a thrifty showgirl’s dream.

Fallas is an “off-price” store, meaning they mainly sell “seconds” and “overruns.” Seconds are slightly irregular items (a small portion of what they sell) and overruns are items that didn’t sell at another retailer, and are being given a second chance at this store. I’ve seen brands like Old Navy, Gap, Forever 21, Dickies, Target and Walmart brands and more for sale in the store. Frequently overruns have the tag cut or the store name marked out in dark ink (this prevents customers from attempting to return the items at the original store for more money).

This is my go to spot for BRAS.  Prices range from $1.99-$7.99, and brands I’ve seen for sale include Maidenform, Vassarette, Marilyn Monroe, Izod and Jessica Simpson.  Before you well-endowed girls blow me off, know that I’ve seen bra sizes to 46DD, and that’s only while I’ve been looking for my size, so who knows what sizes you might find. Many bras are sold in sets, and sometimes you can find them marked down.  I’ve bought many bras for $1.00!  Perfect price point for the special, “one-off” act.

Lots of bras are sold as sets with matching panties, and their panty assortment is varied. Everything from thong to boy short to tanga to those panties with build in butt cheeks.

I’ve also bought LUGGAGE at Fallas.  If you’ve seen me traveling with my hot pink and black zebra suitcase set, it came from Fallas.  Recently, I purchased a plastic, hard-sided (well, sorta…it’s a lightweight plastic) suitcase to take to gigs.  It has “all wheel drive” and holds all my performing accoutrement without having to cram it all in there.  Best part?  I paid $30 for it.

Jewelry, curtains, tank tops, shoes, sequined shorts, Star Wars t-shirts, Disney toys, fleece lined hoodies, $2 tights, you name it, I’ve found it here, and It’s probably under $10.  I even took my husband here once and we purchased him a grey suit, no easy feat, since he’s a 54Tall.  The suit was fresh from a Men’s Warehouse or the like, un-hemmed and only $34.99.  Even he has fun admitting it came from Fallas.  Men’s socks, boxers/briefs and undershirts are a large part of their merchandise assortment as well.

When you come out to Vegas for BHOF, make sure your shopping trip includes a stop at Fallas Paredes.  You won’t be sorry.


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