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Uncommon Ways to Fund Your Glitter Addicition

20 Sep

When I started couponing, I started researching apps that help me find deals online.  Today I want to share a couple of apps that will PAY YOU!  I’m always looking for a way to cut corners and pinch pennies, and there are a couple of apps that pay you but require little effort.  Mind you, no one is getting rich following these leads, but hey!  Earning money for some “free” crystals, undies, etc. here or there?  I’ll take it.

1. Receipt Hog: I earned $30 after a spell (ok, several months) just for uploading grocery receipts.  I don’t spend too much on grocery items, but you can upload convenience store and drug store receipts.  The larger the purchase, the more credit in your account.  You just can’t upload convenience store receipts for gas purchases.  You can have money directly uploaded to your PayPal account or redeem for items like an Amazon gift card.

2. iBotta: A showgirl’s gotta eat.  Depending on where you shop and what products you buy, simply scanning the product and your grocery receipt can contribute cash to your PayPal account. Use my referral code to sign up and join my team: ecduoq. The more we redeem as a team, we can get extra cash bonuses!

3.Checkpoints: If you are already at the grocery/convenience/drugstore, you can earn $$ for scanning products in the store.  If you have 5-10 minutes to spare, spend the extra time walking the aisles searching for the products they want you to scan.  It’s sorta like a scavenger hunt.  I earned about $30 that I then redeemed for an Amazon Gift Card.  There are several types of gift cards to choose from.

4. Rewardable: This requires a little time as well.  If I’m already out shopping, or I have some time to kill before an appointment, I’ll search for a nearby task to complete.  Once you have successfully completed the task, $$ is deposited into your account, which you can withdraw via PayPal transfer, once certain minimum levels have been achieved.  I’ve had to stand outside a Walmart, and take a photo of the signage with the address included.  I’ve had to find a display in a grocery store, upload a photo, and answer a few questions. You can even review apps and games on your smartphone!  Think of it as a secret shopper or scavenger hunt experience.  Use my referral code SSHELDON and get a 50% bonus on your first task!!!

There are others that I haven’t tried, like Checkout 51 or Shopkick.

*Pro tip: double up on deals when you can, for example: upload your receipt to Receipt Hog, but also submit for a rebate using the same receipt at iBotta!

What unconventional methods have you tried to fund the glitter addiction?

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