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APP OF THE WEEK: Retailmenot

23 Jan


I’ve been having great fun using the app Retailmenot for about four or five months now.  I stumbled upon looking for printable coupons for online purchases I was making (Vistaprint, Discount Dance, Old Navy, JoAnns.)  While searching once on my phone for coupons I discovered that Retailmenot was also an app for the iPhone.  I don’t know if there is a Retailmenot app for the Android, but you can always print coupons from the web on your home computer.

Retailmenot displays coupons for a variety of retailers, for both online and brick-and-mortar stores.  After downloading the app, I was delighted to discover that when I drive by a mall, my phone alerts me that there are new “coupons for the Boulevard Mall” (or Fashion Show, or Galleria, etc.)

I first used the mobile app at Bath and Body Works, where I saved around $25 on two purchases.  I broke up my purchases into two different sales (which the cashier was fine with) so I could take advantage of two different coupons.

Now, before I buy ANYTHING, I check Retailmenot to see if a coupon exists for a particular retailer.

Retailers with great coupons that may be of interest to readers (those marked with an * are recommended by Sugar!):

Anytime Costumes

Bettie Page Clothing


Chic Star

Costume Craze

Discount Dance Supply*

Dollhouse Bettie



Hancock Fabrics*

Hobby Lobby*



Nancy’s Notions*


Payless Shoesource

Sally Beauty Supply*

Sally Hansen

Spicy Lingerie

Stop Staring

Unique Vintage*

Victoria’s Secret


Weight Watchers

Happy coupon clipping!

❤ Sugar

Kohls PAID ME to “buy” their underwear!

15 Jan

When I was developing my act “Add it Up” last August, I was not only pressed for time (2 weeks) but I was flat broke.  I had to make a costume with everything I already had, including the bra I was actually wearing the minute I decided to create the routine (I literally took it off and started sewing embellishments on it.)

Since I purchase supplies like crystals, sequins, fringe, trim, etc, when I can get it for relatively cheap, I had most everything I needed for the costume.  What I didn’t have was a thong to use as the base for the final costume piece.

I thought about looking at the .99 Store, K-mart, Fallas Paredes, etc., but talked myself out of all of them because I not only didn’t want a poor quality pair of panties, but because I really REALLY didn’t have any money.  I did, however, have $10 in Kohls Cash from a previous purchase.  I figured I could probably find a thong for $10, then I would only have to pay the tax.

Well, I found TWO thongs for $9.99, one in the color I needed (red) and one neutral color.  I figured I would save the neutral pair for a future costume.  I get to the register with my panties, my Kohl’s Cash and $1.00 to pay the tax.  As the cashier rings up my “purchase,” I asked “I just have to pay the tax, right?”  She tells me that no, I did not have to pay the tax, and in fact, she would be giving me a penny back! I was dumbfounded.  To this day, I cannot get over the fact that I was just given two pair of panties and a penny from Kohl’s for having made a previous purchase.

Store Review: Epic Thrift

7 Jan

Epic Thrift recently opened a store on East Tropicana in Las Vegas, occupying the space left vacant by Savers (which moved to Trop and Eastern.) On a whim, I stopped by to check out the offerings, and was extremely impressed.

Let me begin by saying that Savers has lost favor with me recently, mainly due to the elimination of their weekly sales. You can no longer expect 50% off days, .99 days, or % off a certain color tag. So disappointing! The only sale you can count on: 25% off Thursdays for Super Savers Club Card members. Savers stores are also disheveled and chaotic, and those “Attention Savers Shoppers” announcements are beyond annoying. Let’s not forget that many items appear to have been priced by someone smoking crack.

Enter Epic Thrift! A clean, neat, and relaxing shopping experience. Everything was organized and well taken care of (the polished concrete floor was SPOTLESS.) The employees greeted me warmly and there were no annoying announcements. Prices seemed reasonable and every day is a sale day! Check out December’s calendar (January isn’t posted online, but the glossy in-store flyer indicates identical daily specials.)


Monday: Military Discount 30% off

Tuesday: Casino Employees 30% off

Wednesday: Students ID 30% off, Senior Citizen 50% off

Thursday: $1 day

Friday:2 Tag day (two tag colors are discounted)

Select Saturdays: Manager’s Special

I also found this coupon online, saving you 25% on your total purchase, good until 1/20/13.

Like Savers, Epic Thrift will accept your donations and provide you with a tax receipt, but unlike Savers, Epic Thrift does not provide a coupon when a donation is made. *update: Team Epic contacted me and let me know that it is, in fact, their policy to issue a coupon for donations! So take a trash bag of treasures when you stop in!

Savers DOES have a limited exchange policy, whereas at Epic Thrift, all sales are final.

If you are on East Tropicana, North Las Vegas, or even Mesa, Arizona, check out Epic Thrift! I think you will be as delightfully surprised as I was!

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