Getting A Big Bang for Your Burlesque Buck at Joann Part 1: DISCOUNTS & COUPONS

22 Dec

Since becoming a sewing instructor in 2001, I’ve had to do my fair share of shopping both on internet and in brick-and-mortar stores for equipment and supplies.  And because I’m a procrastinator at heart, relying on my local Joann store is key to my survival.  Not only have I shopped there for 12+ years, but I worked there for a few short months a couple of years ago to help the store manager out.  In that time, I’ve learned several ways to save at Joann.  In this inaugural blog,  I will outline every way I know of to obtain a discount at Joann.

1. Take advantage of the following programs, if you are eligible:

  • Student Discount: If you are in high school or college, you can receive 10% off your total purchase.*
  • VIP Program: Are you a member of a sewing or crafting organization like the Costume Society of America or American Sewing Guild?  Are you a re-seller, or do you make products (think MERCHANDISE) for sale?  You can receive 10% off your total purchase.*
  • Teacher Rewards: Early childhood educators, public school teachers and home schoolers can take 15% off their total purchase.*  It doesn’t matter if your purchase is for school/school projects.  They reward you for just being an educator.

*Exclusions apply.  Generally, the discount is taken off EVERYTHING that a coupon WAS NOT used on.  That includes sale items AND clearance/red tags.  For example, if you are purchasing trim that is 50% off, you will receive another discount AFTER the 50% discount is applied.

2. Join the mailing list:

  • Sign up to receive both emails AND coupons in the mail.
  • Have coupons mailed to multiple addresses (i.e. both home AND work.)

3. Print coupons off the official Joann website.

5. Download the Joann app for your smartphone.

6. Text BEADS to 56266 (JOANN) to receive a money-saving coupon as well as future offers.

7. Save coupons from competitors like:

8. Download competitor apps to your smartphone.

9. Have friends and neighbors who take the newspaper save the print ads for Joann and Michael’s for you.  I simply put a post on our internet board requesting my co-workers save these for me.  They just put them in my mailbox.

10. I like to use Retailmenot.  Search for printable coupons for Joann or competitors.  There is also a Retailmenot app for your smartphone.

11. Joann has a publication for purchase (it’s less than $5) at the cutting, customer service and checkout counters in which the back cover is full of 40% and 50% off coupons.  If you are purchasing a substantial amount of materials or spending a significant amount of money, the price of the publication can easily be justified.

And finally:

The key to saving, after you have followed ALL of the above steps:

You can use MULTIPLE Joann coupons on a single transaction, AS LONG AS ALL THE COUPONS HAVE A DIFFERENT NUMBER.

You can also use multiple competitor coupons in a single transaction, one per competitor.


The cashier doesn’t necessarily want you to know this, because it can create work for him/her.  However, if I am potentially spending $300 and can take $120-$150 off of that, this DIY diva is going to do just that, and YOU SHOULD, TOO.

Just be sweet as pie.  Chat up the employees at the cutting counter, showing them the coupons you have and inquire if they will work for the items you are purchasing.  Offer to let people with smaller/quicker transactions go before you.  Seek out a manager (to whom you have already become acquainted with) to “assist” in the transaction.

Good luck using your newly acquired hustling skills.  Let me know how these tips worked for you in the comments!

Sweet Shopping,


3 Responses to “Getting A Big Bang for Your Burlesque Buck at Joann Part 1: DISCOUNTS & COUPONS”

  1. sugarshagmore December 22, 2012 at 8:53 am #

    Another “sweet as pie” tip: Have any coupons you aren’t using or cannot use? Give them to the person in line behind you. If there is no one behind you, or that shopper cannot use them, leave them in the cart. A nice surprise for the next savvy shopper!

  2. kreesten December 22, 2012 at 3:14 pm #

    Every coupon i see always says “cannot be combined with any other discount or coupon” where do you fond the ones that work?

    • sugarshagmore December 24, 2012 at 5:34 am #

      You cannot use two coupons PER ITEM, but you can use multiple coupons PER TRANSACTION. Again, as long as you aren’t using duplicate coupons (they MUST have unique bar codes) you can use as many as you have items in the transaction.

      If the cashier doubts this, ask her to just “try” it. The computer does all the work, anyway. All he/she has to do is scan. It’s not their money, anyway, I never quite understand why cashiers can get so possessive over the profits of a a store that pays them $7/hr with zero benefits. This is where it pays to know the employees of your local store.

      Let me know if you try this and it does not work. Good luck!

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