Store Review: Fallas Paredes

25 Mar

One of the best kept secrets where I live is Fallas Paredes.  Think Big Lots meets Ross.  As of today, “Fallas,” as we call it in Vegas, only has stores in California, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Nevada and Virginia. To find a store near you: Store Locator  It’s a thrifty showgirl’s dream.

Fallas is an “off-price” store, meaning they mainly sell “seconds” and “overruns.” Seconds are slightly irregular items (a small portion of what they sell) and overruns are items that didn’t sell at another retailer, and are being given a second chance at this store. I’ve seen brands like Old Navy, Gap, Forever 21, Dickies, Target and Walmart brands and more for sale in the store. Frequently overruns have the tag cut or the store name marked out in dark ink (this prevents customers from attempting to return the items at the original store for more money).

This is my go to spot for BRAS.  Prices range from $1.99-$7.99, and brands I’ve seen for sale include Maidenform, Vassarette, Marilyn Monroe, Izod and Jessica Simpson.  Before you well-endowed girls blow me off, know that I’ve seen bra sizes to 46DD, and that’s only while I’ve been looking for my size, so who knows what sizes you might find. Many bras are sold in sets, and sometimes you can find them marked down.  I’ve bought many bras for $1.00!  Perfect price point for the special, “one-off” act.

Lots of bras are sold as sets with matching panties, and their panty assortment is varied. Everything from thong to boy short to tanga to those panties with build in butt cheeks.

I’ve also bought LUGGAGE at Fallas.  If you’ve seen me traveling with my hot pink and black zebra suitcase set, it came from Fallas.  Recently, I purchased a plastic, hard-sided (well, sorta…it’s a lightweight plastic) suitcase to take to gigs.  It has “all wheel drive” and holds all my performing accoutrement without having to cram it all in there.  Best part?  I paid $30 for it.

Jewelry, curtains, tank tops, shoes, sequined shorts, Star Wars t-shirts, Disney toys, fleece lined hoodies, $2 tights, you name it, I’ve found it here, and It’s probably under $10.  I even took my husband here once and we purchased him a grey suit, no easy feat, since he’s a 54Tall.  The suit was fresh from a Men’s Warehouse or the like, un-hemmed and only $34.99.  Even he has fun admitting it came from Fallas.  Men’s socks, boxers/briefs and undershirts are a large part of their merchandise assortment as well.

When you come out to Vegas for BHOF, make sure your shopping trip includes a stop at Fallas Paredes.  You won’t be sorry.


Uncommon Ways to Fund Your Glitter Addicition

20 Sep

When I started couponing, I started researching apps that help me find deals online.  Today I want to share a couple of apps that will PAY YOU!  I’m always looking for a way to cut corners and pinch pennies, and there are a couple of apps that pay you but require little effort.  Mind you, no one is getting rich following these leads, but hey!  Earning money for some “free” crystals, undies, etc. here or there?  I’ll take it.

1. Receipt Hog: I earned $30 after a spell (ok, several months) just for uploading grocery receipts.  I don’t spend too much on grocery items, but you can upload convenience store and drug store receipts.  The larger the purchase, the more credit in your account.  You just can’t upload convenience store receipts for gas purchases.  You can have money directly uploaded to your PayPal account or redeem for items like an Amazon gift card.

2. iBotta: A showgirl’s gotta eat.  Depending on where you shop and what products you buy, simply scanning the product and your grocery receipt can contribute cash to your PayPal account. Use my referral code to sign up and join my team: ecduoq. The more we redeem as a team, we can get extra cash bonuses!

3.Checkpoints: If you are already at the grocery/convenience/drugstore, you can earn $$ for scanning products in the store.  If you have 5-10 minutes to spare, spend the extra time walking the aisles searching for the products they want you to scan.  It’s sorta like a scavenger hunt.  I earned about $30 that I then redeemed for an Amazon Gift Card.  There are several types of gift cards to choose from.

4. Rewardable: This requires a little time as well.  If I’m already out shopping, or I have some time to kill before an appointment, I’ll search for a nearby task to complete.  Once you have successfully completed the task, $$ is deposited into your account, which you can withdraw via PayPal transfer, once certain minimum levels have been achieved.  I’ve had to stand outside a Walmart, and take a photo of the signage with the address included.  I’ve had to find a display in a grocery store, upload a photo, and answer a few questions. You can even review apps and games on your smartphone!  Think of it as a secret shopper or scavenger hunt experience.  Use my referral code SSHELDON and get a 50% bonus on your first task!!!

There are others that I haven’t tried, like Checkout 51 or Shopkick.

*Pro tip: double up on deals when you can, for example: upload your receipt to Receipt Hog, but also submit for a rebate using the same receipt at iBotta!

What unconventional methods have you tried to fund the glitter addiction?


Logo by Kimberly Duke Church

6 Jul

Logo by Kimberly Duke Church

What I’ve Learned from Extreme Couponing

9 Apr

Though he would be loathe to admit it, I have, on occasion, caught my handsome man watching TLC’s Extreme Couponing on TV.  And I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I have plopped down next to him on the couch and watched, too.

I am in awe of these shoppers.  Though I shake my head at the lady buying 20 Norelco electric razors, (does she sell them on ebay?) I still respect the idea of saving coupons, keeping tabs on sales and making an honest effort to stretch the almighty dollar as far as it will go.

This show has inspired me to start couponing.  I am FAR from being an extreme couponer, and never aspire to be (I don’t have that kind of time, energy or SPACE!).  However, I learned some tricks that have been extremely useful in the couple of months I have been trying this.  (After reading this post, check out Extreme Couponing Tricks for Normal People.)

First, I made a deal with myself to ONLY purchase items I would ordinarily purchase.  I am allowed to switch brands, or try something new, but I am NOT allowed to buy items just because I have a coupon.  I also cannot overstock my house with bulk purchases, there simply isn’t enough room.

Then I specifically went searching online for printable coupons for brands I am fiercely loyal to; Oil of Olay, Almay, Maybelline, Arm & Hammer, Head and Shoulders, etc.  Since I was already adept at searching for coupons and coupon codes on sites like Retailmenot, this came fairly easily.  I don’t take the Sunday paper, so that option isn’t available to me unless I go out and purchase a paper (which, I admit, I have now done, as well.)

There are few different ways to search online for coupons.

1. Go directly to a manufacturer’s website and see what coupons and promotions they offer.  Many will make you sign up, sign in, or provide some sort of information.  This is where an email address created specifically to handle “junk” mail comes in handy.  For example, we like to use a specific brand of kitty litter.  I went to the manufacturer’s website, signed up, and received a MANUFACTURER’S coupon for my next litter purchase.

2.  Search for printable coupons using Google or other search engine, and visit  sites such as Retailmenot,, Coupon Network, an, SmartSource, are the ones I’ve been frequenting.  Many blogs will post links to coupons, as well.

3. Visit store websites for stores you patronize.  Many offer STORE coupons (more on these later.)  For example, Target and Walgreens both offer store coupons.  They are specific to a certain item, but unlike manufacturer’s coupons, they are also specific to that store.  In fact, I just stumbled on one for ULTA which I may try.

Now that you have searched for and hopefully clipped some coupons, you have barely touched the tip of the iceberg!  Here are some of the tips I’ve learned from Extreme Couponers (EC-ers.)

If the website will allow, print multiple copies of each coupon.  Most stores will let you redeem up to four of the exact same coupon in one transaction.  This comes in handy when there is a “Buy 2 for $” offer.  For example, I recently bought Head and Shoulders on a 2 for $10 sale.  One $1.00 coupon is great, but 2 are better!  So my Head and Shoulders were 2 for $8, or only $4 each.

Combine your STORE coupons with your MANUFACTURER’S coupons for maximum savings.

For example,

Target has a sale on Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, for $4.24.  Target has issued a coupon for $1 off any Maybelline product, and there was a $1 off a Maybelline eye product online.  Use both coupons on one product and you get name brand mascara for $2.21.  That’s almost half off!

Utilize store loyalty programs.  For example, Walgreens and CVS BOTH have rewards cards which offer special sales, coupons and discounts to card holders.  Additionally, they will often advertise something called “register rewards” (each store has a different name for these) where you get store credit for future purchases.

Using a combination of store coupons, manufacturer coupons and register rewards, I have been able to purchase make up, health & beauty products, even food for close to nothing….sometimes I just have to pay tax!

So what exactly is an “Extreme Coupon” deal?  My definition is where you either get the item for FREE or you receive cash back/store credit to “take” the item from the store!  For example:

Thermacare Heat Wraps on sale for $3.49 at CVS.  CVS gives you $3.49 in register rewards (RR) after purchasing the product.  The product would essentially be FREE.  Even better:  apply the $3.00 off coupon you receive after signing up for the Thermacare mailing list on their website.  So you pay $.49 for the product, but receive $3.49 back in RR, netting you a $3.00 profit!  You can turn around and use that $3.00 in register rewards on a purchase of most anything in the store (I know alcohol is excluded.)

I’ll be posting periodically about my ECing escapades, so keep an eye out for more ideas on saving $$$$!

Southwest Burlesque Showcase

4 Feb

Showgirl on a Shoestring and Sugar Shagmore decend on Albuquerque, NM in less than two weeks to perform/vend at the Southwest Burlesque Showcase!  So excited to be part of the Thursday night lineup.  Hope to see you there!

APP OF THE WEEK: Retailmenot

23 Jan


I’ve been having great fun using the app Retailmenot for about four or five months now.  I stumbled upon looking for printable coupons for online purchases I was making (Vistaprint, Discount Dance, Old Navy, JoAnns.)  While searching once on my phone for coupons I discovered that Retailmenot was also an app for the iPhone.  I don’t know if there is a Retailmenot app for the Android, but you can always print coupons from the web on your home computer.

Retailmenot displays coupons for a variety of retailers, for both online and brick-and-mortar stores.  After downloading the app, I was delighted to discover that when I drive by a mall, my phone alerts me that there are new “coupons for the Boulevard Mall” (or Fashion Show, or Galleria, etc.)

I first used the mobile app at Bath and Body Works, where I saved around $25 on two purchases.  I broke up my purchases into two different sales (which the cashier was fine with) so I could take advantage of two different coupons.

Now, before I buy ANYTHING, I check Retailmenot to see if a coupon exists for a particular retailer.

Retailers with great coupons that may be of interest to readers (those marked with an * are recommended by Sugar!):

Anytime Costumes

Bettie Page Clothing


Chic Star

Costume Craze

Discount Dance Supply*

Dollhouse Bettie



Hancock Fabrics*

Hobby Lobby*



Nancy’s Notions*


Payless Shoesource

Sally Beauty Supply*

Sally Hansen

Spicy Lingerie

Stop Staring

Unique Vintage*

Victoria’s Secret


Weight Watchers

Happy coupon clipping!

❤ Sugar

Kohls PAID ME to “buy” their underwear!

15 Jan

When I was developing my act “Add it Up” last August, I was not only pressed for time (2 weeks) but I was flat broke.  I had to make a costume with everything I already had, including the bra I was actually wearing the minute I decided to create the routine (I literally took it off and started sewing embellishments on it.)

Since I purchase supplies like crystals, sequins, fringe, trim, etc, when I can get it for relatively cheap, I had most everything I needed for the costume.  What I didn’t have was a thong to use as the base for the final costume piece.

I thought about looking at the .99 Store, K-mart, Fallas Paredes, etc., but talked myself out of all of them because I not only didn’t want a poor quality pair of panties, but because I really REALLY didn’t have any money.  I did, however, have $10 in Kohls Cash from a previous purchase.  I figured I could probably find a thong for $10, then I would only have to pay the tax.

Well, I found TWO thongs for $9.99, one in the color I needed (red) and one neutral color.  I figured I would save the neutral pair for a future costume.  I get to the register with my panties, my Kohl’s Cash and $1.00 to pay the tax.  As the cashier rings up my “purchase,” I asked “I just have to pay the tax, right?”  She tells me that no, I did not have to pay the tax, and in fact, she would be giving me a penny back! I was dumbfounded.  To this day, I cannot get over the fact that I was just given two pair of panties and a penny from Kohl’s for having made a previous purchase.

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